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Redux Installation of ne Mods.


Redux Installation of ne Mods.  

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  1. 1. Redux Installation of ne Mods.

    • I Found It Difficult To Add Mods
    • Just The Same As Adding A V2 Mod
    • Adding V2 Mods Were A Lot Easier
    • I Found Redux Mods Easier
    • Dont Really Care.

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I gave up on REDUX three days after I bought it. I guess if you were a wizard at php you wouldn't have any problems but if you are not (like me) you just look at REDUX like a disease and remove the growth. I couldn't even add a custom template to it because I couldn't figure it out. I wish the makers left it like it was....easy to work with like v2.03.

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Well Im sure Paul did a good job securing it but one of the key elements of MCCODES is ease of use.

This is most likely the main reason it is so popular.

Everyone says its popular because of all the mods created for it, well thats because its was easy to manuever through and understand.

Look at GRPG, not too bad of a script but not nearly as many modifications simply because that engine takes more time to understand so people give up on it.


Even though I have not personnally bought the "Redux" edition I believe Paul may have made that version a bit too technical for all us noobs out here.....

Change is good but so is backwards compatibility....

Can you take a Mccode V2 Mod and easily add it to Redux ?....if not then this is one area I would work on....

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Guest LostOne

As I do not have a copy of redux, after owning V1 and V2 license and not wishing to ever use them again, I can not give a fair evaluation or comment.

I will stick to my own scripts from now on - and where my scripts do not do what I wish it to do, I will make a new one.

The problem with using mc code, is every game is too close to being the same as another. The functionality will always be the same, maybe changed slightly, so you are competing in a flooded market. Just my 2 cents

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I never used redux myself, however I would have to agree with LostOne 100%. I feel like when using a McCodes and no matter if you do a theme change or change a couple pages/ides up, the game will always have the same feel of the rest of the game. The best is to learn by creating your own, as then you will be able to fully decided, without having to do many major reworks, on how you want to run your game.

Most people know my stance anyways on McCodes, I found the company to be very unprofessional and not care about their customers. I don't see them active at all (no matter how busy you are, you need to keep a reputation up as a company and visit the site atleast every night and make posts).

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Yes - I agree that Redux Modular system is the greatest out there. But it was a step towards offering something better than what there was already in the market. Many Redux users have found it useful in some way or the other. However, there are flaws with the Mod adding system. An improvement will be made in the latter version.


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