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Any one recomend any good VPS's im looking in the range of $any-$300 a year. I need one as im geting more and more sites and i dont like having to have several lots of passwords plus im limited to 1 ftp/1 DB a site what is a pain :/ (btw i use one.com atm)

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If you can pay all the way upto $300, then you should seriously think about a dedicated server.

However for both, I would recomend HostGator.com, and for more specifically VPS's, then VPS Latch.

If what you are looking for is performance, rather than support (only if your experienced with linux ect) then the best un-managed servers I have used have been RackSRV.


Good luck! :)


EDIT: To answer your last question, if all you are running is a few games and websites, then you probally wont need that much RAM or CPU unless you have a lot of MySQL usage (I mean a lot!). 2GB and 2-2.5Gz will be more than enough.

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virpus.com are incredibly cheap, also offer free control panels, although they have added new packages and conditions to their control panel offers since I started using them they are still incredible value.

At first the replies to tickets was deadly slow but they seem to have livened up a bit, although to be fair I was on the unmanaged service!

I'd reccomend them anyday, never had any downtime, and always kept my directadmin license up to date (which they gave me for free) I've been with them over a year

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It very much depends on what you want to do(as a_b said), and the OS you want to run.

I would suggest 256mb RAM & 1GB burstable, 1.2min(s.c.) burstable 1/2(xeon c2quad range), 10gb hd, and nothing less than 10mb line speed.

That's the specs I usually look for when using ubuntu 8.10-server, and apache2, mysql, dovecot, etc.

If you want to run things like bind, an ircd, shoutcast, etc. with apache2, then I would suggest higher specs.

Support: if you are new to *nix-like OSs, I'd suggest you buy 24/7 monitoring as well. (this is not usually free)

Something to remember with some programs, is that over time they do use more and more RAM, and keep it. So you will have to be aware of that also, and be able to deal with such programs.

My preferred VPS provider is still RapidVPS, but you could use others.

I'd suggest you always read reviews of the hosting provider before settling. Years operational is always also a good indicator of how reliable they are.

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