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Im going to be adding several tutorials to my website cdcoding.com, if you have any ideas just post them below. This can be either HTML/CSS or PHP/MySQL (the two main groups of tutorials i will be doing) so if you are stuck on anything just post below ;)

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Basic MYSQL, forms and SECURITY.

To be honest i do not have a clue about security and i think a load of newbies would really benefit from it because, if your learning and you've just made a game then the first thing you don't want to happen is for your game to get hacked.

Also as Danny said a bit of CSS because you always want a good design.

What do you think?

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Well for basics –

1) Layouts using divs

2) Basic file structure of any site you use (could do a tutorial on how you created “Simple Website Building Blocks” that’s on here somewhere)

3) Basic Ajax requests (please not using jquery...)

4) Basics of creating a database using phpmyadmin (explain auto increment, primary keys, what varchar is etc)

5) Basic arrays, then go into some of the array functions (in_array, shuffle etc)

6) Sql injection, what it is, how to prevent it.

7) How to actually plan out a project, going into why a plan should be step by step. Not programming, but still essential. Could also link into number 2.

8) Form validation (Things like “username taken” on a register form, but still having the rest of the data there)

9) Go into some sql functions (count() etc)

10) Connecting, retrieving data, and displaying that data from a database (e.g. a username).

11) Explain how you created your blog

12) Xss attacks and how to prevent it.

13) Making a mod for a game engine (if your targeting people on mwg that should be mccodes based).

14) Variables

15) Facebook api (e.g. login button etc).

16) PSD -> html

17) What a super global is, and how to use them effectively (e.g. difference between $_POST/$_GET and when to use them)

18) File uploads, and how to check an image is an image

19) Basic bbcode parser

20) Some .htaccess tricks (e.g. DENY FROM ALL).

21) What a function is, and why it’s different from a language construct

22) Basic php syntax.

23) 20 things everyone will use at one time or another (this can cover mysql_connect(), include, basic functions things like that)

24) Commen errors and their fixes (e.g. unexpected $end)

25) Explain what a localhost is, and go over the options (xampp, wamp etc). You can also use this to explain what shared hosting/vps/dedicated are.

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Ok.. I was looking at learning AJAX/jQuery...

So what is wrong with jQueries ajax set up???

Nothing, but I do feel learning how to do it without a library is important. That and what’s the point in using Jquery in the tutorial when the official site is so easy to understand?

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