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Redux patch (v2.5.2)


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Several issues pointed out with the Redux (V2.5) engine. So I fixed and released a v2.5.2! Redux within a redux.. just kidding.

MCC Redux V2.5 patch released. Branded as V2.5.2, downloadable from MCCodes.com => client section.

The files which were fixed are:

- smenu.php

- global_func.php

- ogcrimes.php

- staff.php

- inventory.php

- attacktake.php

- header.php

You can manually update them on your game if you wish, or download v2.5.2 update from mccodes.com.

Instructions for manual patching:

1) smenu.php, header.php and Global_func.php goto Global folder.

2) ogcrimes.php goes in Staff folder.

3) staff.php goes in main DIR.

4) inventory.php and attacktake.php goes in Mods

Thank you for identifying these issues for us!

Also would like to thank Mike (Profile: http://makewebgames.io/member.php/66795-mike) for identifying a lot of these bugs.



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To be honest, this thing shouldnt need a patch. When paul made it, he should have firstly tested it, fixed any bugs, then you should have tested it, and sent it back to paul to fix.

Many things are released with errors, the main problem here is the speed of the patch. Admittedly it's no where near as well tested as it should have been, however at least it's being fixed.

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Well being a developer myself (not of McCode) I know how hard it is to discover all the bugs. So unless you have a huge and great beta team you hardly squash bugs before releasing specially if the code is big enough. So complaining it had bug seems stupid and I starts to be slowly tired of Danny attitude which is nothing beside negative to McCode. Ok I don't like the kind of games made with it, fine, but that doesn't mean you need to be negative on each and every post about it. Also, as Dominion said, what counts is that they fix the bugs. For me they are improving their politic where they didn't released a patch in years before coming with the latest 2.0.3 or what was it? And now this new patch for 2.5. So even if they clearly can improve their customer politics (as most companies actually) they are still going in the right direction. So congratulations for the patch.

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Yes, I have to admit that Redux had/has issues but they are being fixed and I am looking forward to installing them tonight and testing them out. I don't have a game per say but I do have a group of friends who help me play with and test this engine and so far it has worked out letting CB know what we find and they have been getting them fixed. Thanks for the patch!

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Ive just got a copy of Redux I noticed when changing any passwords for admin/sec/ass if i just wanted to change Admin pass i cant i have to change the whole lot which to me is quite silly especially when it dont even tell you the Orig pass to begin with.

Why not make a dropdown and lwet the admin decide which pass they want to change instead of changing the whole 3

Infact ignore this just realised it writes to create a file for the passwords

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Well, I installed the patched version and ... its still broken and possibly broke a few other things.

1. Organized Crimes should just be removed all together since it is seriously untested and not working at all.

2. Cannot add members into a gang because when you go to accept their application you get :

our Gang - The N00blets

QUERY ERROR: Unknown column 'userid = 4' in 'where clause'

Query was UPDATE `users` SET `gang` = 1,`daysingang` = 0 WHERE `userid = 4

Please report this to a admin as soon as possible.

3. Property (your House) is blank on the Home page but shows on your profile.

4. Travel Agent all the cities disappeared so you cannot travel anywhere. They show up in the Staff panel, though.

5. Well, Im sure there is more wrong with the Gangs section but cannot really test since members cannot be added.

6. There are a lot more issues I noticed .. a lot of which were pointed out in another thread by rulerofzu and others so I can verify those as well.

I am thinking about going back to v2.0.3 or maybe just forgetting the whole thing and asking for a refund. C# is sounding like a better option and it wouldn't take too long to redesign a similar engine that actually works. I have only been looking at mccodes for a few months now and I am just tiring of all the hassles. There should be a disclaimer on their products stating: You are purchasing an untested and non-working piece of software and you will have to spend a lot of time fixing and modifying it yourself to have even a basic game. This does not and will not work out-of-the-box but we will continue drag you along while we talk about our next version .. version 3.0.

Well, I don't even think I will bother with submitting any more trouble tickets since the fixes were taken from this forum and took a week to get a reply for and they still don't work. Well the ones rulerofzu wrote and posted work 8^) The Organized Crimes is a mess.

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Well hey...you can look at it like: Some wouldn't know as much as they do about PHP/MySQL without having to fix up MCC to work properly (ie: the way it should have to begin with out of the box). I know I wouldn't. :) But so far, Redux isn't turning out to be a very attractive option for existing MCC owners, based on what i've read here.

To be fair, even the Organized Crimes in early v2 was undocumented and needed work to get it running properly, if I recall.

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My point is simply .. advertise it for what it is. Period. Yes, I admit that I am learning a great deal about PHP because of mccodes. Mainly how not to code. However, mccodes is not listed as a non-functional game engine to be used as a training aid. It is listed as a fully functional basic game engine with functional game features all listed and implied to be working out-of-the-box. So you get people like me who were looking for a basic game engine that we could build upon .. not Alpha test for someone else to gain profit from. Its great to get credit for finding and reporting bugs but last time I checked I didn't have to pay to Beta or Alpha test games I played. So I guess if they had a disclaimer stating that this is the case and that you are actually paying for your education it wouldn't leave such a taste in the mouth.

No, Organized Crimes didn't work in the previous v2 either.

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I run a ecommerce website which is my main business. They are just about to release a new version. Complete file restructure and optimized code sound familiar?

However the difference is. They used mantis bug tracker, which i did suggest should be used here on MWG for mc2 development so that bugs could be reported by us the community. They went through 6 beta versions before RC1 and RC2. THAT is what you call testing your product before putting it up on sale.

To be honest I see CB/Dabs as a couple of stubborn children who will refuse to listen fully and only do things their way. However this is what the result is. Redux now on version 2.5.2 with a list of over 20 issues.

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To be honest I see CB/Dabs as a couple of stubborn children who will refuse to listen fully and only do things their way. However this is what the result is. Redux now on version 2.5.2 with a list of over 20 issues.

Dont worry Guys and Gals SUPERMAN is on the case (Tries to do theme tune bu fails miserably) Iv'e finally got a copy of Redux and am working my way through each problem i find.

At an early glance though i find REDUX quite complicated to work with from other versions of MCC when i made the Theme changer for REDUX It wasnt as straight forward as id hoped which usually is how i work.

But apart from that overall its decent and im not saying this cos im friends with paul i can see a lot of work has goine into it.

More to the Point though we cant blame Paul and Alain here they have done an excellent job with what they have had to work with so hats off too ya guys..

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I didn't worked on Redux beside creating a couple of theme and giving a way a basic theme engine. So basically I reworked the header.php. That was my contribution (not payed).

hum so let me guess, header.php is the only well coded file??

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