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http://x10hosting.com/ is the only free host that i know of that allows game scripts on free hosting... If you do sign up for free hosting with them instead of waiting for it to get verify you can browse their forum and it will activate the hosting... after you activated it through your email... just a tip lol.. Edited by lucky3809
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x10hosting doesnt allow crons, therefore not making it suitable for a game.

You can easily remove most the crons in McCode. For instance the one which updates the Jail and Hospital count every minute isn't needed. The rest you could replace with the timestamp cron conversions on here.

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Alpha testing is basically only testing types of data (as well as checking for errors);

- Normal data (data that should be accepted)

- Extreme data (data that is on either side (lowest/highest) of the boundary limits)

- Erroneous data (data that should not be accepted)

Your basically testing the code to see if it works, so no members are required. Beta testing would require members as you are giving the product to those who don't know how the code works, so you can gain an audience view on it, as well as them finding issues that you would have probably missed, as well as gaining feedback on things to advance on.

Overall, you could use xampp/wamp for alpha and then purchase hosting for beta.


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