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Im not sure mate, but im going to try to get more attention to this script in the next few months. What im going to try and do is try to take over development of this project from the previous creators (ie make a website/have regular updates etc...) but first i have to contact the owners and ask for premision to use/distribute the script (freely of corce) as this is a great script and is a shame seing it being thrown to the back while other scripts like mccodes get all the attention.

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im still trying to get jamiee's email, if any one has it please can they send it to me. i may even have it on my old msn ill have a looke when i get home.

I could be wrong here, however did their team not just redo, and sell on the engine? I belive it's under the GPL/GNU?

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If they did could i alter it then didtribute it? i havent read the GPL/GNU licences in full, i realy should lol :P

Yes you should, and actually nor have I. I would check what I said about it being under a public license as I am unsure, however going to look at their original posts may help.

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