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Crazy form lol


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<form action='bank.php' method='post'>

Amount to invest:<input type='text' name='investment' value='{$bi['money']}'/>

For:<select name='period'>";

$ibank=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM ibank");



echo"<option value='{$ib['id']}'>{$ib['name']}({$ib['rate']}%)</option>";



<input type='submit' name='submit' value='Invest' />


ok... Can anyone tell me why when I click Invest button, it redirects me to gym.php????

Form looks alright to me... There is no other code that would accept the form. But even without that code, should't it just refresh the same page???

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have you got a open form before hand, try adding </form> before you start your bank.php form (this is a quick fix but you should find where it originates from and close the tag properly.

And as said before you are selecting everything from ibank a better query would be SELECT `id`, `name`, `rate` FROM `ibank` WHERE `.....`='......' (fill in the dots with the userid fields)

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Yeah, I bank just stores the length, rate, and timespan of investment :)

So I need to select everything... And it is only 4 rows there, so not a major thing anywayy :)

I found the problem.. It was as Dayo said... another form left open above :) Was half asleep yesterday :)

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