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Sick & Tired

Haunted Dawg

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I am sick and tired of people adding me to msn to ask me this:


Are you better in coding than these people:








Well i can tell you this, i will admit i dont like the form that isomerizer code's but i would say he would be the only person that stands at my standards of php.

Theres your answers to those who want to know!

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Re: Sick & Tired


No one does ;) well i just finished my site iamwicked.net of so that kinda shows my skills considering i created the whole website

So I wanted to go to your site, but it turns out your banner isn't clickable. :O:O


[ url= site link][ img]img link[ /img][ /url]

anyways, if you decided to change it, you can wrap your image in a [ url] tag, set the ='s part to your link, toss in an image into the middle of the url tags, and bam. Done ;)

I'll click on over and check ya out when ya get that sorted :P

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Guest Anonymous

Re: Sick & Tired

I was thinking along the lines of multiple points if interest:

a) Clarity of code (ie. idented, commented etc)

b) Compactness of code (no holds barred - as small as possible)

c) Speed of code

d) Quality of code - use of functions, concepts etc.

Judging (a, d) a vote by 3 or four CE regulars

Judging (b, c) by tests - i.e. filesize and maybe benchmarked on a single machine.

This could be one project - submitted twice - one for development (readability, quality), one for production (speed, size).

I'll have to have a think and see what sort of challenge could be set -- any suggestions?

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Re: Sick & Tired

LostOne if you want p0rn just go to google and type porn.

@ Iamwicked: if it is such a site etc check out www.evobuxs.com my ptc i created back then, check how fast it runs also. I have it open now just to mess around with it.

@ Nyna: Why submit 2 scripts 1 for quality and readability and 1 for spped & size one not just combine it.

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