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[mccode v2] BBCode Gradient Text Generator


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Re: BBCode Gradient Text Generator --- FREE Mod

I've actually done that on my site...

I've coded the gradient colored names throughout the whole site, its not something i can really post how to do it as each file required different coding to get it to work...

You will need to declare the function in global_functions.php then create two fields in the users table, one for start color one for end color.

A simple file to ask the member for a start color and an end color would be needed with a sql query to update the database...

Then just use if statements whereever you want the gradient name displayed...

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Re: BBCode Gradient Text Generator --- FREE Mod


i don't get this modification. You type text and change the colour then what do you do with the text?

I've added this just below where you reply to a topic in the forum, they can then enter the text they want to convert, then copy and paste the bbcode into a forum post, you could use it for member signatures etc...

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Re: BBCode Gradient Text Generator --- FREE Mod

I have not aimed to take credit for someone elses work...

I was looking for the ability for gradient names throughout the whole script for quite a while... the first part of the code i found on the net (i dont think it was from the link you have posted, but may be wrong)

I saved the code as it didn't work properly --- READ THE POSTERS ADMISSION

to quote

"Sometimes the end color will f%&k up and the last character won't be colored right."

I have fixed this problem and also altered the code to fit this modification...

As it was weeks later that i have gone back to have a play with this code i couldn't even remember where i originally got the starter idea/code for it from...

Anyway my apologies to the original poster of the starter code if i have caused offence in anyway...

I'm new to php coding and the best way of learning is to use google and get examples of scripts and i have numerous examples saved on my pc that i have used to learn from...

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A little mod i have put together for members to be able to create Gradient text in BBCode format...

Looks Like This

Screen Shot


Create a file called gradient.php


You're unable to view this code.

Viewing code within this forum requires registration, you can register here for free.


sorry to ask this but im very new to this n learning somewhat but what would u run for a query/queries ? Thank you

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