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[mccode] Ignore User Mails [$10.00]


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Hey all...

Thought I would make a nice and easy, but effective mod so you can Ignore users on the game.

I don't know if anyone else has created this before, but if you have a I am really sorry :|


Name: Ignore Users Mail

PHP Files: None (just attachments to other files, preferences.php, mailbox.php)

SQL Files: 1

Compatible With: V1.1, V2.0

View on game: http://www.toxiccodes.net/testgame

Cost: $10

MSN: [email protected]

Yahoo: [email protected]

PayPal: [email protected]


You can add people onto a Ignore list which will stop that user from sending you a mail, you can Unblock and Block the users by inserting the ID, this is a VERY simple mod, but I hope you guys who buy it will like it.

Screenshots:(for lazy people :-D)





Please contact me via, MSN, Yahoo or on CE to order a "Ignore User Mail" mod.



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Re: Ignore User Mails [$10]

Thanks guys, and yes Deception it does, but whats the harm of putting in a new table with only 3 fields?

Or I could of done it by adding another field in users table which would of worked.


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Re: Ignore User Mails [$10]

im am gonna try to make something a lil bit more advanced than this it is Gonna have this

if you cuss more than 3 words in one mail you can be warned 1nce and auto mailbanned for 2 days next time stuf like that shoulden't be hard

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Re: Ignore User Mails [$10]

You guys notice how fast his site runs? Its on fasterhostz.com you should try it out ;)

& @ Deception, i think it does.

Would be fast if fasterhostz was up been down for quite some time know

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