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[REVIEW] www.finalkillah.com

Haunted Dawg

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Hello all.

After selling killah-city.com i wanted to make another game. So i have and its called finalkillah.com ITS here to stay.

I want it to be reviewed by all of you.


About :: Final Killah ::

The final killah is here! Do you want to be the final killah? Then you need to sign up today!


You may fight but you cant win all the time! You can be the best but you will have competition by your side. You may create a gang get some members and what can i say? GO kick some ass. You may choose to be friendly or not. You may choose wether to help others or not. Your choice, Your game, You choose for your self.

Site best viewed in Fire Fox.

But the site can still be seen in IE. This site is 14+ age. If you are lower than 14 then please register under your parents surcumstances. Grafix on this game is best seen on FF as said befor. Enjoy your stay.


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Re: [REVIEW] www.finalkillah.com

Once going to the login page it looked pretty good with the colour scheme and the background, your submit box its hard to read and also "About :: Final Killah ::" and "login" could use like <font color=red>Text</font> to make them so you can see them, the effect on the username and password input mob they are pretty nice, Also your banner is ok, but i'm not to shore on the text, The register page is pretty basic again it could do with some colour changes.

Once i logged in it did't look to bad, but i think all the table's on the right are abit to swashed and i think users online on there would not look so good when you have 50+ online at once. I noticed that it is using the same affect as killah city, i also noticed that you still have installer.php i'm not to shore if it's a hack point but it maybe somthing you would like to take in consideration to. i think your leveling progress is going alittle to faster then planned. Level 12 and only 2 days old, your user bars could do with a upgrade, i also noticed that you had a shout box, it's nice but i don't like the idea that you have to scroll down just to submit somthing, i like the idea of "You have not yet voted for all the sites." thats nice, and also your notification box is looking nice that you made and posted here on CE :) i also love your voting mod that it easy to use, with a nice layout, now moving on your viewuser.php that is very nice also with the default image, and the layout i noticed that hirekiller.php is not there and also users rating. i really suggest to use a better layout, as it puts be off but thats only my taste. overall the game is not bad but it's not really my taste. i do like some parts of the game but not really in to much detail. but i really love how you did the see through affect,

i think overall the game would turn out to get bigger, but i'm shore it need's more work to help it grow, and alittle more time in some area's

Overall Rating: 8/10

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Re: [REVIEW] www.finalkillah.com

Thanks for the review.

I have removed the installer.php.

I have removed the rating.

The hirekiller.php is now as assassinator.php as i recoded my own.

I find my site very easy to read the text.

My members love the theme it suits the name of the game.

There is no suit for "final" but for "killah", "killah" would in other words mean blood all over the place right? thats why i went with a red background with red splats.

The text on the banner, i might be getting a new banner made.

Thanks for the review :)

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Re: [REVIEW] www.finalkillah.com


I was unable to review your game due to register was 404 saying i had no permission to view the page,

as i have read about other people having this problem with your game and you stating that anyone that has played an old game of your and done something wrong they have been banned from your new game,

i have not visited any of your games before so that could not be the reason why, i also read stating you have banned countries and so on so i am guessing my ip is just under one of them i am from the united kingdom and i think you should look at the ip banning issue on your game.


Down to the review of what i could access.


I like your login page allot although it is not something that would catch my eye and cause me to play,

When looking at your banner i see a pretty blurred picture, the transparency with you background on the banner is good helps it blend in more, and the text upon the banner is pretty good although once again i see this blurred (could be just my vision).

I like the users online, users offline and total users, although i feel there is no need to have the total offline by removing the usersoffline i think it will look better and maybe changing the color of these figures.

The link for the register page should be larger as it is slightly small and unattractive although the hover color change is a good feature.

The ad on the page makes it look messy and really draws me away from the game with a good game and fan base there should be no reason for having ads try focusing on getting more players.

Your background within the table is just the right shade of red but the background outside the table is too bright and makes it look slightly messier.

The title on the register page is slightly boring and in reality not needed, if you do keep it maybe consider removing the < before it.


The page has the same layout as the login which is always good to see.

the gender drop down and promo input are lop sided with the rest of the fields and need to be straightened.

the input boxes look really good with the scheme along with the submit button.

i feel that more security needs to be added to the register page such as capcha test or/and email validation.


Over all opinion

visual 2/5 (with the outer red being toned down this would easily improve the visual marks)

content 1/5 (this is based on the register and login, you need more links i.e screenshots, lost password and so on)

NOTE** This is only a review for your login and register as i was unable to get any further.

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