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  1. Really? Never used to be... how do i turn it back on again?
  2. Thank you Tom for the design posted. Unfortunately i am after something allot brighter more vibrant and eye catching. Take a look at the two websites i posted look at their color.
  3. I am after a website PSD template. all i need it the PSD... No coding e.t.c. The website i am currently using is a full CMS system and only requires the image to be uploaded. Requirements - Purple color scheme.. Eye Catching... Professional.. I like the following template excluding the girl... http://myfreetemplatehome.com/templates/show-template-3104.html I like the background image on this template. http://www.flashmint.com/show-template-3641.html Please bear in mind we are NOT a public night club but a private hire venue only and the website must reflect this.
  4. Janiepeter you need to watch it! Seriously it is an excellent programme.
  5. They was the website is setup is the html version is in one folder and the flash version is held in another folder.
  6. How do i go about checking if someone has flash, if they do it displays the flash version and if they don't it displays the html version?
  7. Would you not want to keep for example 3 months logs in case a user for example has a to do with another player, you then have the logs to check back and see who is at error what what ever. <<Please note that is just a random wierd senario but could be a reason to keep logs for longer>>
  8.   You do realize mySQL database can be over 1TB easily? You obviously have never had to manage a large mysql database. How about moving old results to a different mysql table and then compressing it making it read only. You could then uncompress add more and compress. myisampack. Correct i have never had to manage a "large" database, and to be honest compression did not even cross my mind but hey ho...
  9.   You do realize mySQL database can be over 1TB easily?   I was more thinking along the lines of an archive of weekly logs witch can't be done on the database so easily (Well it can be but hey ho). And hey it may be minimal lag but reliving the database of any unwanted load is always good :)
  10. Your correct VB does cost, but it has a great user interface. SMF is SMF, Our current engine shyte, phpbb shyte, but these are personal opinions :) Out of the three different engines used since 2007 smf was the best then this then VB as VB didn't get going and took the site down for a looong time lol. Sorry i am rambling fricking bored waiting on my new laptop to arrive so cant actually work on any of my mods at the moment :/ Wow yeah bordem xD
  11. Have to agree with sim here :/ Also the white clouds in the menu with black writing take a look and im sure you will see what i'm saying ;)
  12. Wow a paid mod from you thats new :) Nice mod although as a suggestion possibly make the logs auto export to a txt file after being over a week old. This way you can keep logs from months ago with no strain on the server.
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