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What are you working on?


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hey gamble,

I'm working on a new attack system for my game that from the games I've played haven't done anything like this before,

I took some inspiration from escape from tarkov for it and decided to add it to mccodes to see if hopefully speeds up fights with my aim being that fights last less than 50 turns rather than those 200 click feasts I've had in the past.

But like most things when you create something new it breaks something old and been fixing the bugs and breaks first.

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Interesting!!! When you say you took inspiration from Tarkov are you going to create the inventory system like what they have or what aspect do you plan to try to carry over?


If you'd rather keep that a secret until it's released or whatever that's understandable! Was just curious!

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no not the invtentory system, basically I have 2 hp systems one max hp and then limb hps but when you add the 7 limbs together that equals the max hp, so that when players level up they both increase and always match each other.
During the fight if the head or thorax hp hits 0 you will also lose/win the fight, also looking at add light and heavy bleeds, fractures and black out limb to it aswell.
Where bleeds act like a damage over time each turn, fractures effect your hit rate and blacked out limb when hit again do extra damage to the other limbs that still have hp.

There are a few other things I'm doing but gonna keep them in the back pocket πŸ˜‰

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