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Fixing Chris Hospital Mod


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hello all i got contacted today about a bug on the hospital mod that @Dayo released and its wierd that no one take note on, while fixing that bug i found an even bigger bug than just that can be exploited by players for money

any way the bug it only triggred if the Health is under 0% as it can give the player money if the health is negative (DMG is over the Rank Max Health)

so to fix it you have to add a simple code


$healthPerc = round(($rank->R_health - $health) / $rank->R_health * 100, 2);

under it add this

if($healthPerc < 0) $healthPerc = 0;



And to fix other bug that show 0 time unstead of 2h (default setting)




$time = 0;
$money = 0;

Replace it with 

$time = $timeToFull;
$money = $moneyToFull;

and that should fix that all

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