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Its been a while since I been on here


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Whaddup Doe I go by King Joker

I have took a break away from RPG games but I am picking it back up and I have found out that I kind of missed fooling with them, so I am 100% going to start my own game I will be using one of the scripts from this website. I have been checking out all the scripts and I even downloaded some of the Free versions and give them a test run. I started off with McCodes but no disrespect or whatever I really wasn't feeling McCodes.

Its a script I am 100 % focused on but then there is one more that I seen and like but I have no way of downloading a Free version of it to get the feel for it but if its built off a script I seen and really like then I will be on here updating and connecting with a lot more members from this site.

If you have a game and a demo account for it hit me up with a link and I will check it out.

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