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  1. Thanks Dave I got it any ways and still trying to fig out the cron setup
  2. Whaddup Doe I have my own domain and hosting I also bought McCodes V2 from this site but my hosting services dont support the crons for McCodes V2 Can I buy 1 GB cPanel Hosting just to use the crons I do not wanna give up my hosting sever I been with them over 15 years I just need these crons to work if anyone can give me some info thanks in advance and feel free to contact me if needed I been at it for weeks now I just need these crons to work.
  3. Ok cool and thank you message me anytime got to let the puppy out real fast I will be right back
  4. if Plesk is where you get your hosting from then no I am using Netfirms
  5. So far it all seems to be working fine I am stuck on the crons part or should I say Scheduled Jobs. Once I fig them out I wanna move on to adding the content. Its to late to run lol
  6. Whats good with all of yall. I bought McCodes V2 last night and been playing around with it I got it up and running so I fig I would come in and say Hello. I have been on this site before and think I should try getting a game up and going I am super new to this so any friendly help & tips is appreciated Thanks in advance King Joker !!
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