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Looking to Invest / Purchase a game


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Recently, I undertook the task of rebuilding the original McCode game engine within Laravel and while it's not a monstrous task, I have found myself wanting to invest in or acquire a game as I would like to deliver features and likes to a community of players while working on the Laravel project on the side.


The technicalities of what I offer from an investment/partner perspective:

  • I am mostly backend orientated however I'd be happy to tackle front-end requirements so I could support the project's development efforts.
  • My core proficiencies are in C#, PHP, JS, and MySQL.
  • I have extensive marketing experience that I will leverage to maximise the project's reach.
  • I have a data analytics and automation background that I will utilise to transform the player activity and retention metrics.


I'm happy to open discussions relating to both the purchase and investment opportunities - feel free to reach out to me in PMs.

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10 hours ago, SRB said:

Out of sheer curiosity, since rebuilding MCCodes in Laravel is something on my roadmap, did you also fix up the database to remove field prefixes, poorly named tables, etc?

I'm using the existing tables as a point of reference but the structure that I'm employing is radically different. I am taking steps to optimise the database as I work through it but I'm taking it one step at a time as I am making design and implementation decisions as I approach each piece of functionality. As you say, there are a lot of unnecessary prefixes and the likes within McCodes but there's no need for them with Laravels Eloquent ORM. 🙂

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