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Hiya people;

I've been hanging around for a while, looking for a little side project. While I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for, the playing field trio of MCCodes, GRPG and GL seems to have promoted a fair bit of discussion and may yet provide some ideas. I'd be interested to see any real "showcase"games that people have; ones that have stood the test of time and are active out of curiosity. After all, it's always good to learn new ideas!

Anyway, nice to meet y'all.



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I had a look at that earlier; the UI seems to have some clunkiness and I see where @AlizHarb gets his rather odd use of CSRF's from. I must admit it's not for me.

The levelling up on crimes is very nicely done; easy to gain levels at least initially, and the fact as a player you're not jailed for 20 minutes on the first crime failure is a real joy to see.

Odd bug with the inventory where I couldn't drop 2x{item}; the system insisted that I wasn't able to do that with a full inventory. Maybe just me, but if not overly clear why! And a very unusual render bug on re-scaling back from mobile out to full-HD though nothing a quick refresh didn't cure ignoring the obvious "Invalid Page Request".

And nice tutorial; that's sadly lacking in so many projects; yet it was simple and quick to finish. That was a real "add-that-to-my-list" type of thing.

While it's not my genre, I can see the appeal certainly, I suspect with a small group of like-minded players working together it could prove rather fun.

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Crime/Mafia doesn't really interest me in part as there are some very good games out there already, in part as I feel they are too combative. I'm much more of a cooperative thinker although I accept that some level of inter-player combat be-it simple rankings or actual combat is valuable in its own right.

Saying that, I'm easy; getting a feel for what is out there and what sort of features people are are actively using as well as the "polish" of current projects is very helpful. Perhaps I may be able to contribute in some small way to some of the open-source "engines" while I muse on my side project.

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Combat can be a vital part depending on the genre like Ninja or pirates or Vikings which are totally not Mafia/crime and goes completely against that grain. I'm making a ninja based game and its made to be battle intensive but is fun to make since you have to do some more research, work out the changes that have to be made and how it flows etc a bit more than just out of the box way.

I always enjoy looking at others games so when you have something ready give it a shout out.

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