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My last chance


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Well I tried a few months ago.

I'm a young fella, I've tried learning coding it isn't for me.

I've learnt little bit not to much.


I'm looking for somebody to believe in me.

I'm looking for a domain a hosting server and everything needed to start a game.

I lack the funds to gain these things myself.


A mentor would be awesome to.


And if you have any old codes you have no use for anymore I don't care if it's mccodev1 you have done some work to anything would be appreciate please help me.


This will be the last time I ask because I don't want to offend the community with these request I'm just hoping somebody sees potential in me and is willing to give me that head start.

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So, how often do you come online? as in What's your availability? What time zone do you live in? Are you a creative type like for storylines? If so I might be able to utilise you and in return you can have some space on my server (and I'll setup a free copy of GL for you to play around with). Do you have interest in Anime? Naruto by chance?

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