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GL Premium Offer! 30% OFF + more!!!


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To celebrate my 30th Birthday im offering 30% off of GL premium, this comes with lifetime updates at no extra cost!

Also if you buy the PvP Poker module you will get the Gangster legends expansion pack completely free saving you an extra $25!

To redeem this offer visit MakeWebGames marketplace, the Price of GL Premium has been reduced from $100 to $70. To redeem the Free GL Expansion pack just purchase the PvP Poker and then send me a message here. I am currently off to Mexico for two weeks but I shall be checking my messages quite often so please allow upto 12 hours for me to add the expansion pack to your account!

This offer will expire on the 12th June!

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On 5/26/2022 at 3:07 AM, cobraz said:

Will there be a update to the PvP Poker module soon? More compability for playing on phones ect? 

To be honest no one has suggested anything like that. 

when I’m back from holiday I’ll certainly look at this as it should certainly be mobile friendly (you may have to nudge me as I’m forgetful about these things ;)) 

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