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Mean Street Mafia Game testing [Screenshots added]


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! - ! Game Name: !-!
Mean Street Mafia

! - ! Game Link: !-!

! - ! BETA CODE: !-!

! - ! BETA Date: !-!
March 1st. 2022 - June 1st. 2022


This private beta testing is meant to work out some of the bugs and possibly discover any bugs, users will have access to most of the game with a few features unable to be accessed and used.

Please keep in mind that this is only a beta test and things are still being fixed and worked on.

This private beta is ONLY accessible to people with a code.[*]


//////////////////What We Need/Are looking for\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

We are looking for players/users to play the game, level up, do crimes, attack others, and overall use the game as normal.
We would like users of this beta to report any bugs, issues, comments,
or ideas to any member of the ADMIN's and/or may post them in the forums.

Please be willing to include as much detail as you can!
We are looking for ALL feedback including anything that has to do with the layout and colors. All details matter and we will take into consideration.

//////////////////Users will have access to\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Commit crimes.
Attack other players.
Most dailies.
Banks(Money & Crystals) With high Interest.
Explore the city with plenty of options to choose from.
Exclusive Bunny features allow users more control over being a Bunny.
Mug users for cash or crystals.[**]
Train your stats.
Some Missions.
Some education classes.
Casino-style games (i.e. Fast-Cash Lottery, 3-Cup Monte, Horse Racing, and ect.)
User Marriage.

//////////////////Users will NOT have access to\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Specific donator only sections
Donation Nation (donator packs)[***][****]
Loan System
Drug Market
Drug Farm


NOTE[*]: In order for us to keep the system in control, we must limit the amount of "random" users joining. This is so we can do accurate testing of user specific features.
NOTE[**]: Users may mug others for Money or Crystals, Mugging online is encouraged in this game. Users who want to complain about online muggings are not welcome.
NOTE[***]: Donator Packs are available upon asking the Admins of the game, Donator Packs are as followed 10 days($1), 20 days($2), 30 days($3).
NOTE[****]: Any user that buys a Donator Pack during this beta, Will receive a code for an Free Donator Pack upon next test.





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Screenshots added
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2 hours ago, MajikalJoker said:

ive heard of Mean Streets but not Mean street, if there is an issue with the name i can get it changed.


but it is me and my brother that are making it

Oh no it was the first game I ever played almost got excited but good luck on your journey. I'll check it out.

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32 minutes ago, MNG said:

Oh no it was the first game I ever played almost got excited but good luck on your journey. I'll check it out.

I understand that, and I had played that aswell it was a great game, i am kinda shocked that someone else remembers it, just wish i knew who owned it and why it went away, but anyways thank you for at least checking 🙂

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1 hour ago, Happyspring said:

meanstreetsmafia was my game...the original...before Braden used the name and now someone else using the name 🙂

was your game the one was red and black colors? 


also take the end s out of streets... i made sure not to use that, and since this is just testing. the name can be changed., message me when you can

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On 2/21/2022 at 5:05 PM, jedigunz said:

Hi 🙂 ,.

I'm currently the Head Developer over at:  https://www.deadlycountry.com  

wondered if you could drop me a beta code to access your game ??


On 2/21/2022 at 5:57 PM, DaveDaRaveUk said:

Can I have a code

Beta code has been sent to yall!


Thank you for being willing to join 🙂

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