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40 minutes ago, cobraz said:

Could be a cool feature. 

In idea of developing maybe make it possible to secure the territory with bullets, and give other user the chance to "take over" the territory if they use more bullets than the territory is secured with? 

there will be a protection for each territory because also i will be make it possible that players attacks territories 🙂

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2 hours ago, athena26 said:

Why not make it possible for a player to damage a drug lab .

drug lab is not a property as i made it a piece of game, players will be able to damage , properties or territories only

some more edits i have done at morning with one more territory building!


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2 minutes ago, Canjucks said:

the reason why i said gangs is because this area of the engine needs more life given to it. fighting for territories as an extention to individual players would give it something else.

player wont be able to buy a territory if he was not in gang, and there are limited number of each building that you can build so if you wanna build for example a mini bf and there is no place for it then you have to kill player to take his place

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3 minutes ago, Canjucks said:

oh interesting. killing activity would certainly increase. would like to attack a player rather than kil them though. its so much trouble but the cost to the killed player is so much

well, the game is so! let your enemy start over 😛

there will be damage territories also, collect powers and buy explosive.

also honestly i'm going to change the idea of kill and detectives, i do not like that idea we have now 🙂

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4 hours ago, Canjucks said:

starting over  you mean being killed? rather than being hurt and going to hospital so the player has no need to create a new account

Being hurt if the player failed to kill!

Also I would add something similar to gangs but bots to protect you before anyone can attack you

how about the new building for the territories 😛


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