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New Game Engine?


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Good afternoon all!


Just curious if there would be any interest in a modern game engine. I was considering creating one using a hefty amount of JavaScript to make it more dynamic.


Just curious before I order hosting and spend a lot of time.

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What kind of modern game engine? This involves a lot more work then you may think especially if all graphical. Back around 2005 I did a multiplayer game like tanks but with Naruto Characters built upon a network like battle.net for finding/creating matches. The map editor alone was over 100,000 lines of code. Game engine itself was never fully completed.

So if you are going all graphical, I'd recommend open source maybe as it will take at least a year to get a fully working 'concept'. It is a great learning experience. I learned a lot of great algorithms, technique's, concepts, and it expanded my mind on coding a lot. I recommend doing it. Do it for you. Not others. I'm willing to pitch in on certain things if your not wanting to go solo. Php been pretty boring lately. 🙂

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