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I've been chipping away at the updates manually (had to because some mods and customs would then fail) and managed to get white screens in game and get an invalid request when trying to login .... I'm a kind of wishing I didn't bother start doing these updates now.. why fix what ain't broke comes to mind ....

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This is exactly why core files should not be edited ... i would advise agains ANY mod that requires you edit files.

best bet would be to deactivate those mods and re-install them if you really need them

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I'm sorry @Dayo it was also little things as well that were updated so certain things in my game could work. Also not going with a crime fighting theme and updated the layout and name changes here and there. 

Yes I might need to start again. I really think I need to get login working and workout why i get white pages when logged in (mobile was doing it as i didn't logout yet)

I fixed the issue by removing ?> from the last line of the config file. I don't know why that worked but it has. From what I understand the 2.3 version still has this in it.

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