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Kill Attack Formula

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I been going threw this formula and with a calculator and have found it very odd to say the least. The higher the armor the greater the damage taken. As long as player shoots the amount of bullets equal to players health, they will kill them.

Is player supposed to die every time they attacked?



It anyone has any active players in therr game  I am imterested in knowing if every player in your game has 0 health in userStats. I think as far as i can tell in GL, its either when you shoot someone they die everytime or they miss. 

Could you shed some light on this @Dayo

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31 minutes ago, Glock1533 said:

to decrease life, you have to increase the value of US_health 6000 = 0% life 

I guess you neve looked at kill module?

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@Sim I agree its not greatly described armour should have a value of between 0.01 (best) and 1(worst), weapons should have a value between 1(worst) and 100(best).


This way the incoming damage is reduced 

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I have cleaned the post up a bit removing all un-needed posts.

What @Glock1533 said is correct US_health is the current damage taken R_health is the maximum health the user has, when the two values match or US_health is greater then R_health the user is dead ...

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