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Some what new here been a while lost all my old login info

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Whaddup Doe MWG peoples

So I had a account before and I lost all my login info and I made a new account.

I am looking to buy the McCodes V2 script but I know 1 issue I will have is the Crons if I buy the McCodes V2 script does anyone know if I can be helped with setting up crons ? I used to fool around years ago with the free version of McCodes V1 but it seems to me as the crons are now a different way through using my hosting.

So is there someone willing to help setup crons or can walk me through

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Hey! We’ll soon be releasing easy start up hosting for a very cheap price, $0.95/month kind of cheap.

So if you buy MCCodes from the MWG and sign up for a hosting package I’ll gladly setup your crons for you. 

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3 hours ago, KingJoker910 said:

When will this be happening could you give me some info I this hosting please.

Once the DNS propagates, so hopefully in the next few hours! 

We're also running a black Friday deal on MCCodes right now.

@KingJoker910 hosting is now online! https://makewebgames.io/store/category/2-hosting/

You can see a demo of MCCodes running on this hosting here: http://mccodes.makeweb.games/

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