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gethostbyaddr doesn't support IPv6 (and anything that isn't IPv4 format). You don't really need to know the host, really. Either remove this lookup, or use a service like https://fraudguard.io/

Example response from FraudGuard - https://api.fraudguard.io/;


[color=#505050]{ [/color]
[color=#000000]   "isocode":"US",
  "country":"United States",
  "discover_date":"2016-03-18 02:57:40",
  "threat":"open public proxy",
  "risk_level":"3" [/color]
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So why was it included in the standard McCodes v2?
  1. They felt that knowing the host was of some importance to the users of MCC (which it certainly might have been at the time and still might)
  2. IPv6 was hardly ever used at the time of MCC v2 release



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I made this change


//   $r['lastiph'] = @gethostbyaddr($r['lastip']);
       //    $r['lastiph'] = checkblank($r['lastiph']);
        //   $r['lastip_loginh'] = @gethostbyaddr($r['lastip_login']);
        //   $r['lastip_loginh'] = checkblank($r['lastip_loginh']);
        //   $r['lastip_signuph'] = @gethostbyaddr($r['lastip_signup']);
        //   $r['lastip_signuph'] = checkblank($r['lastip_signuph']);


and just deleted the td calls code. But now my profile says Sorry, we could not find a user with that ID, check your source.


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Returning the host name may show if someone is using a proxy service which may have been a good thing way back in the day when V1/V2 was released. But finding people with proxies may not always be a good thing. Some countries that hate your country may ban access to any IPs registered with your country. So this may give them a chance to play your game.

But what sniko suggests is pretty interesting and may be something worth looking into, especially if it's free.

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