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iOS IRC Client


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Hey guys & gals.

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with IRC clients for iPhone/iPad?

If so which one do you recommend, ideally I'd like one that stays connected in the background, rather than disconnecting all the time.

I don't particularly care about the price tag, I'd rather pay for a decent app, than mess around with free ad-ridden ones.


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Thanks Sniko, this is one of the ones I've tried in the past, but constant buggy states, and frequent loss of connection whilst app was running in the background, it really wasn't the best option for me.

Ah shame! I'll try a couple tonight and come back to you


I haven't found a decent iOS IRC app that doesn't close connections while in background. But I thought I read somewhere that it is the way iOS is set up


Hmm. Unlikely, unless this is just with the IRC protocol, as Gitter and Slack doesn't lose its connection

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