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First are there even any Mccodes staff still logging into this forum?

I have been away for a few years, i DO have a licenced copy of mccodes v2, and i am having an issue with the install.

Everything worked as it should until the last click on the install process.


Mccodes Version 2


If you bought this from anywhere else but MCCodes.com please click here .

Thank you for choosing MCCodes.

1. Diagnostics >> 2. Configuration >> 3. Installation & Extras

Attempting DB connection...


Simply stalls there stating Attempting DB connection...

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there is no error.

Attempting DB connection... is all it says.

by this i assume it is an issue with the Db connection.

I have double and triple checked the Db name, user, pw ect.

Not sure where else to look really, its been a while.

open up lib/installer_error_handler.php and change the false to a true then return to installer and try again assuming your using v2.05b

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There should be an installer error handler included in the package. Like NSC stated, it should be in the lib directory.

I know you said you verified the db credentials but depending on your host sometimes the db credentials have a prefix like <username>_<db_name> and <username>_<mysql_username>. So please try to verify that there is no prefix with your cpanel username for the db name and your MySQL username for that db.

I did see your ticket you put in and I am sorry I haven't gotten back to you but for the past month or so has been a real difficult time for my family and I. So I do apologize for that.

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Did you give permission when you created your database user, for that database? Maybe also check if it's a chmod problem in your FTP for the database file, make sure it is 644 giving you access to that file. If you are not 100% that your database info matches, delete and remake a database and database user, and reenter the info in. Also sometimes depending on hosting it's not always localhost you enter but that of the hosting name on your account.

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A very unorthodox way of contact you, but my messages don't seem to get sent or get sent blank.

My inventory mods have all been posted publicly apart from the JQuery one for mccodes v2.

You can find that one on the mccodes website: http://mccodes.com/viewmod.php?id=167

For support contact me on skype: Scruffy.gamer

PS: Dave my messages don't seem to work. Might want to take a look for me? :3

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