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For Sale: Dark-Horizons


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Game looks nice :), but has there been a reset or something? because there's only 27 registered users? i suppose your asking price is reasonable if it hasnt had a reset but has it made any income and could your provide a overview about the game would be helpful :P

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[MENTION=65530]Coly010[/MENTION] is correct it is a new game.

Its a project i started couple weeks ago

This is based off the 2moons game code, its a space strategy game where you can build up your planet, colonize other planets to make your empire stronger, research stuff to further develop your planet, build a fleet of ships to wage war on other players and build defenses for your planet.

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Yeah, I noticed the 2moons game "feel". What kind of modifications have you made to this code? I've heard that there have been some instances of database table instability, so can who buys this be ensured that this kind of instability will not occur as-is?


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