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Need a tester for my game.


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Hi guys, this is a custom script which I have here, me and my mates worked on it back in 2012, and I've been working on this updated version for a while now. And what do you class as loads of money?

Over $100mill . Seems like the economy is inflated.

I know you're looking for testers, but I hate your scroll bars. I also hate that the side bars are overflowing with links.

Just my opinion

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It's not a custom engine, if I remember this script was out years ago and it's a version of gang-bliss I remember playing the game and the forum and jail scripts look very much identical [ATTACH]1851[/ATTACH][ATTACH]1851[/ATTACH]


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Hi guys, it's me. TP2 king.

I found a SQL injection but didn't realise it actually worked until ~30 seconds later as I didn't realise the actual game body isn't real time.

(@OP: If it was real time, I could have patched it for you)

Look, I'll show you. (Mom will be so proud of me)






btw, you have major XSS issues (as I've demonstrated).

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