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Need a little help


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Look at the error, it is pretty self explanatory.

PHP Warning: (so not serious then...)

Unknown: (Got to love PHP for not knowing what the problem is....)

open(/home/users/web/b2468/nf.str8klowninentcom/public_html/cgi-bin/tmp/sess_9cf25349dc9bc2480c2948579d8066ee, O_RDWR) failed: (okay, that looks like a session file)

No such file or directory (Obvious).

So checkout your ability to save session from PHP - make sure the folder is accessible, and writeable by PHP / your web server (depends to an extent which one is the "user" when it comes to reading and writing these files)

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Thank you I deleted everything and then logged out of filezilla and my hosting and redid it all over and it works fine. It installed

- - - Updated - - -

Now time to fig out the crons and then I should be good :cool:

If you can't get your head around the crons, sniko made a neat little mod which does it through time stamps, it's just a matter of creating a table in the database and including the files in your globals.php

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