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MafiaEmpires - 3D Mafia Browser MMORPG - Feedback and staff wanted!


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Hi Everyone,

I've been working on a project by myself called MafiaEmpires, its a fully browser based 3D MMORPG that you can start playing by just visiting http://www.playmfe.com. The graphics are great, and we're improving everything everyday. I'd like some feedback on it and any advice you guys might have


I've recently introduced the following updates

- Improvement to graphics

- Improvements to multiplayer code

- Improvements to interface

- Added collision detection

- Now we support Android Device and iOS devices (from 8th September 2014)

- Update character models

- Added animations for all character/npc models

- New missions

- New skills

- New starting area (Sandwell District)

You can start playing by simply visiting http://www.playmfe.com, we support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE, Android/iOS8/Windows Phone

Also come say hello to us on the game forums (forum.playmfe.com)

The project is taking off and has great potential; we would like extra team members to join in the early stages. Please create a thread outlining your application in the Development section of the forum.

Available Positions:

Basic Global Requirements:

18+(preferred) +- 2 Years of age

Good English skills

Can pickup and learn new things fast

3D Artist


- Create new models for the game world

- Create items, buildings and other meshes

- Optimise models and textures for optimal loading times on mobile devices


- Good skills creating low poly and high poly 3D models

- Good skills animating and rigging 3D models

- Experience with Collada and b3d formats

- Excellent experience optimising textures and models

Content Designer


- Create and write up missions, assigning them to NPCs

- Create world items, their effects .etc

- Create skills that players can use


- A creative and dynamic mind

- Concentration and ability to work autonomously

World Builder


- Create the different zones and cities inside the game world using our editor


- A creative and dynamic mind

- Concentration and ability to work autonomously

Forum Administrator


- Management member forum accounts

- Encourage forum activity

- Management of different sections


- Experience with forum administration

- Excellent English skills

Game Support


- Provide support to players ingame and through forum

- Take note of, and report bugs to developers


- Player of MafiaEmpires

- Excellent English skills

World Server Developer


- Developing and maintaining world server codebase


- Excellent Javascript skills

- Excellent knowledge of Node.js, MySQL, Socket.io

- Experience creating multiplayer games

Client Developer

- Developing and maintaining game website and client codebase


- Excellent Javascript skills

- Excellent knowledge of Socket.io, Jade, CSS, HTML5, jQuery UI and WebGL (Three.js, Copperlicht or core)

- Experience creating multiplayer games



- Represent MafiaEmpires in person, and online.

- Share and promote whenever, and wherever possible

- Encourage users to signup and play MafiaEmpires

- Create videos and articles for promotion

- Encourage people to vote for MafiaEmpires


- Good social connections

- Good English skills




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