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I am currently working on my game that is to be released next year and we are at a point where graphics are needed. This includes but not limited to: Item images (2 different sizes per item) Character images for each class and race (72 included I believe)

At the moment this is all, however if satisfied you will have a repeat customer so that a consistent design is spread out throughout the game.

My budget at the time is undetermined.

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I agree with Zettieee. This is definitely not a post for me, even though I appreciate the suggestion NonStopCoding. I have dived into doing art, but I do not charge for it due to the amount of time and cost it would be. So, either you have a really nice budget (as for even the medium quality designers, they would charge you 40$ per class image, adding up to at least $3,000 just for the races and not even including the items) or you are asking for already images on the web, which is something I don't work with. Even if you went the route of finding free images on the web, you will have a hard time trying to find 72 free race icons to use and that would equal a lot of research/time in itself, so expect to pay a good amount of cash for just using the free ones.

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You should be hitting up brainchild with that kind of money.

That or use a dedicated art medium such as deviantart.com

As a past customer of his, I would say if you have that type of budget I would go with someone else from dribbble.com or behance.com that you can find. He is a great artist, but sometimes it feels rushed. I have stopped using him for this reason to be honest. Plus, he is working on his own games these days so the response time was slower than normal.

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