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So recently i've taken on quite a few freelance projects and my project I started has been put on the sidelines. My game has been put on the sidelines which sucks but I have more important projects at the minute. I know that I will not have much time on it at all without dropping paid work which is also paying me money so i'm hoping that somebody could take it off my hands.

I am selling my game Crime Foundation with the following:

- Exclusive game rights. I will not keep any of the code and make my own project again later

- Two domains;

- - crimefoundation.com

- - crime.foundation

- I will transfer ownership of the domains and set up the game on your server.

- A year long SSH certificate

- I will also offer to help with the game and give you support for as long as you need it (within reason)

Here are some screenshots. Some reason the chrome plugin I used to take the screenshots gitched out the page a bit on the admin screenshots. Saves me opening up photoshop to stitch a few screenshots together:



The admin section uses an ACL (access control layer) so you can add administrative users really easily and choose what they have access to with only a few clicks as apposed to having to code it all in.

The backend also has a lot of super easy controls for controlling pretty much everything in the database.



You can add social accounts to the game (i've only got facebook and twitter) and this is also added in the backend with only HTML required to implement on the front end.

If you are interested private message me.

I'm not sure what I want for this, I have put a lot of hours into the development as it is a bespoke piece of software.

I'm sure I could come up with a good deal .





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It's almost at the release stage. The mailbox system was almost finished and then attacking system was going to be added.

I have most things in place, it was just a matter of adding all the database stuff such as crimes and jobs etc.

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