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Looking for a main menu layout


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View my work bud!

If you're trying to promote yourself, it would be better to provide your work in the post.

> Hey Tangled,

> I've done some main menu designs before, and here are some samples of my work

> [screenshot1] [screenshot2] [screenshot3]

> For more samples, or if you'd like to discuss your design with me, contact me via e-mail ([email protected]) or PM me


  • You will get more people come to you, as you'd be exposing your work in multiple places, and not one
  • Someone doesn't have to search for you work.
    • This guy sent me on a stupid adventure looking for his work so I can see if I want to give him my money, and this guy sent me samples of his work

    [*]You will look much more professional


It's rookie-know-how on selling and making yourself look professional when proposing to new (and old) clients.

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ok wow, notifications aren't working.... I've talked to Peter about doing my menu etc. But I need help with a few things. I'm not a coder...I know a few things...enough to get me in deep trouble. :o My coder is away for a few weeks and I'm needing to be open. To do that I need my paypal mod and my mission fixed. I'd also like a security check....Again I'll pay if its affordable.

- - - Updated - - -

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Can you explain what is wrong with your 2 mods and a possible budget?

Its always good to post these things to get the formalities out of the way. This way people can give you a ball park quote right off the bat instead of dancing around all of this. Plus, who knows. It may be something really easy that we can help you with right here.

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