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Tier'd Spender


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As promised, my Tier'd Spender is now ready!

Unfortunately this is not a free module, but hey is well worth its money.

It includes:

-Instructions of installation

-Life time Support

-It's easy to edit

-If you are to resell it must not be resold for more than the buying price off me

This will be on sale for $8.00 for the first 7 days & then $10.00 thereafter.

There are to be upgrades on this in the future & buyers will get the updates free!

Basically there is three ways of working with this module & installation will guide you on the way to install these.

#1 - Adding "Spender Tokens" to your donator packs, the more tokens, the better there rewards, you choose what rewards to offer to them within the "Tier'd Spender" shop.

#2 - Automatically adjusting code into your header/donations, so once they reach a certain spending (e.g $50) they then get an Event, they then click a link to another page where they have several choices on there reward, and then repeating this for $150 etc.. (I used daves donation module for this one, but I can help you fit it into any donation system)

#3 - This is the way i'll be doing it, I will be having 5 tiers ($50, $150, $300, $500, $1,000) each giving huge rewards, each tier offers several different choices on their rewards, but if they choose rewards at $50 their tier spender will reset. This prevents massive amounts of rewards unless they wish to complete Tier 5. So if they buy a $10 donator pack that will go from $0 to $10 and then continue rising until rewards are chosen & then reset.

PM me if you are interested and would like to know more & possibly make a purchase!

This will be added to MCCodes marketplace shortly.

Some credits go to Steven (NonStopCoding) as he has helped me with this module with some of the major parts, he will be taking a share out of earnings for this as a partner who I work with!

-Modules to follow: World Cup & Premier League - Betting system on real football matches!

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You going to spend $1,000 to see it in action o.O

Back on topic:

Nice idea, are the values changeable as-well as the rewards i.e. what if i wanted it to be 25, 50, 50, 100, 150, 250

Yes I posted on what it Includes that it's easy to edit, so they are easily changed. Kinda busy now that why I'm not posting the screenies yet, got college assignments to be doing and will get some screenies on tonight and more details as I will be updating it a little more too!

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