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New Crime System

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This is the new crime system i am working on - it is near complete but still quite abit of work left to do on it

this will completely replace the old mccodes current crime system

1, It will come as 5 to 6 pages but everything will be one page with Ajax (crimes overview, commit crime, pass/fail, add crimes,)

2, You can set a start/finish location for each crime, ie, buy drugs in location A, Sell them in location B, (thinking of adding, more choices, Steal a car from A, Take it to B have it sprayed, Deliver it to C< and so on)

3, You can make crimes require certain item(s) (then set if the item is destroyed after each use)

4, Respect, This will come with about 20 npc's Each one you can gain and loose respect with, Respect opens up new mission with the person whilst loosing respect with their rival you choose who to work for - each npc will have different perks for working for them -

5, More coming soon


(i got the layout idea from gumtree lol, i liked the look of it and it works well)

Any suggestions or comments welcome

Thanks =)




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