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www.battleforce.com lost cpanel? help needed


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so i accidentally deleted the domain from my host and no there is no cpanel for it? how can this be reversed?

any help would be good thanks..

You're going to need to elaborate slightly here... How did you delete it? Do you have a VPS and you deleted it from WHM? Or did you remove it from your hosts client area?

It would appear your site is pointing at a blank VPS with a simple lamp stack. Considering http://battleforce.com:2082 returns nothings same with http://battleforce.com:2083 which would be the standard ports for cPanel.

Have you changed your sites DNS recently?

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no i mean i deleted it from WHM and need to get the cpanel back as i tryed before the host was down and there was no cpanel for it ? and host has only been down for a day

Unless you deleted the whole of your WHM/cPanel install it looks like your domain is pointing to another server.

Do you have the IP for your old host? Try logging into the cPanel that way.

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I see what you mean because I have delt with WHM/Cpanel a lot over the time. SSH in and recover the account files that way. It'll be in ~/user/public_html

Best action is to contact hosting provider support. However, they aren't liable to give you support for this as it's not an issue their end.

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I know what he means, he deleted the domain on hosting side,the records that direct the domain to host, he needs to add it back, you can have your hosting do it for you if you do not know how, so contact them! This has happened to me before, but I went in and added them back myself.

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