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Just released my website and i've got a fairly unique layout, however i'm still not sure if the colors are appealing or if its all just too much.


I'm pretty bad with photoshop so i was hoping to to make a bit of money of this to pay for someone to give it that professional look, but you could argue that the best text based games look far from professional haha.

My main worry is when you look at it you don't think text based game, thoughts?


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A wild demo account appeared!

Username: demo

Password: demo

First impressions

It looks cool, and sure is a different approach (kind of) to the normal McCodes games.

Although, I don't know what to do? Is it race to #1hof?

Psst! Better do a round of penetration testing! Especially the forums.

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got rid of the training aspect, items give you stats instead, energys used for gathering resources which are used for quests (how you get the items) need to be certain levels to do the quests to get the legendary gear exc... so yeah tried to switch things up a bit.

and yeah it all about that rank one

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