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Sending a backup to your email

Samurai Legend

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Hello all, is there any way of me using a script to send a whole backup of my website to my email?

I so far just have a backup for my database to my email. It sends an backup to my email every hour. Requires a hour cron.

If you want this script, just mail me and I will give you the website link of who made it and how to install it to your website.


But as for now, I need to find out how to send a backup to my email!

If anyone knows any information about how please mail me or comment below!

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  • Create a bash script that creates a tar
    • tar -czpf /path/to/files/protected/backup.tar.gz /path/to/files

    [*]Create a cron that runs every x hours, and invokes this bash script

    [*]Use a decent e-mail api, and attach the /path/to/files/protected/backup.tar.gz file to the e-mail, and send it to your email address via PHP

    [*]Run unlink("/path/to/files/protected/backup.tar.gz"); after the e-mail has been sent

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