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I am looking for a job to be done for me before you all say something alone the lines saying I am lazy and blah blah I just can't waste time on this.

I will pay someone 30$ to create me 75 items in my game.

I am in need of armor,weapon and shoes and yes must include images as well.

I use GRPG in case any of you was wondering.


I also might have another task in mind for a few plugins.

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You may need to think about upping the price for that then. Creating the items isn't the hard part and you maybe able to get someone to do that for $30. The issue is the images. If you want legit images that is otherwise people may need to buy some stock images or create their own. Chances are that buying stock or creating their own is worth more than $30 plus time for someone to individually add these items

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If one is desperate for money they would take this job and produce the worst quality images. When i say produce, I mean go onto Google and grab it from there. 75 images is a lot, so even if you wanted that happen, you are talking about a couple of hours of work. So, even for the lowest quality item images you would need to increase your prices. Actual custom images, for quality ones will cost 20-50$/item depending on where you go and what you want.

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