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U iz makin Gaym!? N33d Domaynz!? Ch3k Inzyd!


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Yeah, anyway, attention status: Obtained.

I was looking through my log in's for domain registrars I have managed to use over the last few years and came across a domain selection that I just won't use.

At the time, they seemed a good buy since I managed to get 4 of them, but in hindsight; impulse buying is a dumbass move. Guilty as charged, your honour!

Anyway, domains are;





[ All expire august of this year - 18th I think ]

Now, it would be stupid to give them to somebody who wouldn't use them, since I may as well then give them to somebody elsewhere, other than these forums, for them to be used.

As I've been a member here for far too long, I figured I'd start here first.

Simple criteria to be considered; (Q & A)

8. Do you have a game at present?

2. Can you even write code?

5. I haz cookies?

1. If you're thinking a non game site, but know a theme, I'd be glad to hear it (No, I won't do it myself - I want the domains gone [aka, can't be bothered])

9. Do you have cookies? What flavour, if you do?

3. Can I have a back massage? (MTG told me no :'()

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