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Selling Army Themed Login page


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Hi guys,

I'v been working on an army themed game page in my spare time and now I am looking to see if anyone would be interested in buying it.

It is not coded at the moment but I can code it if the buyer want's me too. Coding will cost an extra $10 on top of the purchase price of the layout design.

I can also create an in-game to go with the Login if requested too.



Looking for around $10-15 for the design.



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Everything in the layout I was able to use.

So you've basically taken someone else's assets. Moved them around a bit, changed a few fonts and textures and are trying to sell it as your own?

Not really your own original design. Considering it has vast similarities to Peters design as well. Did Peter grant you resell rights to his piece?

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Can everyone get off Razors arse? If Peter has a problem he is free to post here and/or send a message to a moderator to deal with the situation.

If you have a problem with Razor then post it in the collab forum

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