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Randomizing users


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So I have a new gang mod. Without going into boring details, Gang A can cause negative affect to Gang B. However, Gang A may have 3 members where Gang B has 20 members. It's not fair that Gang A can cause more carnage than Gang B due to the difference in member counts.

I could do something like

Select * from users where Gang = Gang B LIMIT 3

However.... Every time Gang A attacked, the same 3 members of Gang B would be harmed. (the first 3 user_ids.

How can I randomize which 3 gang user records are pulled in my query?

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Re: Randomizing users


My first thought would be to make an array with each of the user's ID, then do a rand from 1 to the largest value in the array, and do that 3 times or something like that... When I get home I'll give it a shot.

Hey, that does sound like a good idea!  I'm not that familiar with PHP arrays.  Any sample code you could throw at me would be useful.  Even something real basic (3-5 lines) would help.

Create array from : Select userid from users

Pick random userid from array

Print userid

I could take it from there.

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Re: Randomizing users


Select * from users where Gang = Gang B ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 3

thats to order it randomly, i didn't really understand the question though XD

yet again, deception proves his genius, using one line of code for every 20 of mine *smacks him*

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