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Google Glass - What are your views on this gadget?

Jan Kaufmann

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Sure it's nice, however, all I can think of it doing (apart from confirming moores law, once again, and reinforcing the technological age) is biological data mining; retina scanning, iris scanning, etc)

I don't see what advantages it will bring to someones life. We've already smart mobile/cellular phones, so I've no idea what else it can bring (apart from biological data mining).

Eh, my reply seems quite paranoid. :p

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It's pretty much a computer built into glasses.

Record video from first person, or just without the use of your hands (because you might be using them for something else?)

GPS no need to take your eyes off the road

Browse the internet while in church without taking your eyes off the pastor.

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TBH Google Glass ATM are good but i brought a pair and i can see they do need alot of improvements and yes i know they are not released yet they are still pre release but again the idea is solid but the actual product should not even be pre released yet as google hasnt even fully finished the GDK (Glass Development Kit) yet and that is one main thing they needed to finish as at the moment i have to use SDK to test my apps then later change the code to work with GDK alot better i think the product is amazing it just needs alot more refining all i have to say is the Camera (Video) is amazing i went to Isle Of Wight Festival and recorded Videos while i was there and was like looking back into time the images are just crisp and excellent.

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