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Forum and Mail bug


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When myself or others type the words "delete" or "where" (without quotations of course) in a forum post or a message, they don't show up.

For example if i typed

I need to delete some posts on the forum

it would appear as

I need to some posts on the forum.

I have checked the bbcode files but the is nothing in there about it, i have heard that it may be in the global functions file but i dont know what im looking for, anybody else experienced this problem before?

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This is located at the very top of global functions, do you think this might be the line of code im looking for

function Clean($Var) {

if (get_magic_globals_gpc() == 1) {

$Var = stripslashes($Var);


$Var = mysql_real_escape_string(htmlentities($Var));

return $Var;


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hmm, the only other things i can see in global_func.php is

function make_bigint($str, $positive=1)


$str = (string) $str;

$ret = "";



if((ord($str[$i]) > 47 && ord($str[$i]) < 58) or ($str[$i]=="-" && $positive == 0)) { $ret.=$str[$i]; }


if(strlen($ret) == 0) { return "0"; }

return $ret;




function mysql_escape($str)


return str_replace("'","''",$str);


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