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Mafia Xtreme (Beta)


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Hey All,

I've been creating a game myself, named Mafia Xtreme, and currently in need of testers.

So far I have a secure register/login system ready, and will be pushing stuff live more in the next few weeks.

I will be updating this thread of what has been added/changed.



You can create an account here:


Or use this account to test:

Username: Demo

Password: Demo

I would like to hear your thoughts about the game & design, what can be done more to make it more user friendly.


RJD Development


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Your login page, the button is named "Register"

EDIT -- Most pages are missing, nothing in the city, got bored nothing to really test or see except the layout

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looks like GRPG mixed with raven is that the style you was going for as all images etc and layout is raven reorganized into a GRPG layout

Not really, I have done nothing on the layout (BlueTrendz Desings made it for me), I've only done the codings.

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Maybe change the line-height in the left menu slightly, it seems a bit too bunched together, also the footer seems like its just been placed below the design, maybe add some design to it or something? Just some ideas, otherwise looks very good :)

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