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Please Demonstrate A Standard Trasaction Using NWE Variables


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To avoid using typical PHP I will please like to see an example the NWE way to do the following :

Use a simple form and field to buy an orange and add it to the user's variable.

On a page you have


$orange = GetUserVariable(orange);
$cost = 2;


At present $orange = 0 now I need a simple form that enables me to input the number of oranges to buy at $cost and then do 2 things:

1. Add the number to $orange

2. Subtract the amount from currency

Thanks in advance.

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ill have a go


if(isset($_POST["orangeQty"]) + 0)
//To make things easier on the eyes I will just make things its own variable
//For get user var @param1 is a constant which is the user variable name, @param2= A useridn if null it returns $userId by default
   $oranges = GetUserVariable(orange);
//Just for the beck of it I will demonstrate the config value, @param1=value name @param2=module name
   $cost = GetConfigValue("orangeCost","thisModule");
//This is just to make the deduction of money easier
   $updateCurrency = $_POST["orangeQty"] * $cost;
//See how much easier that is
   $userStats["!Currency"]->value -=  $updateCurrency;
//Now lets give the player his new orange amount. @param1 is a constant for the user variable name, @param2 will be what you are going to set param1 to, and param3 is just the same and get user variable param2 which is a userid for the user you are working with
TableHeader("We are going to buy some Oranges");
echo "<table>";
echo "<form method='post' name='buyOrange"'>";
echo "<tr><td><b>How Many Oranges?:</b></td>";
echo "<td><input type ='text' name = 'orangeQty' value = '1' /></td></tr>";
echo "</form>";
echo "</table>";

SubmitButton("Buy Orange","buyOrange");

Pretty simple huh? Good luck ;)

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