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Version 1.1.7 (full) released


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I just released the full version 1.1.7 of the engine. There is one known issue with this release in case you are upgrading and you didn't upgraded the clans module since a while. Therefore I would strongly suggest you to upgrade the clans module from within the interface and then apply the upgrade.

Anyhow here is the list of changes:

- Better support of the errors. We should not have anymore those odd errors pointing to NWE DB class in case your config doesn't work by default with NWE.

- Added a delete user module from the admin panel (and added the configuration inside the config.xml files)

- Added module requirements however didn't yet updated all the modules which may have dependencies. Will come in the next releases of those modules. Yet if you use this new config.xml tag, it will be checked before installing or upgrading.

- Added a news to each modules. Module owners can now from the nwe shop write what they changed or other info and this can be seen from within the admin panel by clicking on the module name while upgrading or installing.

Remove the Dev version of the engine, as I will allow full marketplace usage for the free version of the engine. That's however not finished and will require a bit more work.

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uh-ohh, im getting an error message when trying to submit a module saying that i need to use the website when using the free version but when i click my verifyit, that shows as a registered copy[ATTACH=CONFIG]973[/ATTACH]

Also, where do you submit modules via the website anyway haha?


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Thanks for the progress.

I've been doing a lot of edits to the modules and templates. Does applying this upgrade affect that?

Which files are actually updated, there are often references to the core - which folder are considered core?

While I am at it, is it possible to compare the files of a module version before upgrading it? For instance if I want to do manual changes to upgrade the module rather than just have it overwrite all my custom changes.

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you can download the patch file from your license tab on nw-engine and look and see what pages there are tbat he updated. He only from what I see puts the files he changes in the patch .zip

The "core" is basically all directories that aren't the module and template.

as for a source viewer djk made a little page where you upload you .nwp and you can see what the package contains along with the source. that link is somewhere here and also down towards the bottom of nw-engine.

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the core is indeed what is not in the modules directory:





NWE is made so, that if you grab the upgrade zip you can apply it to your own configuration and should not suffer from deleting your own mods. Yet if you did change the original mods without changing names (for example renaming the directory) you may lose those modification. The best option is to unzip the patch zip file and check what modules are affected. Personally I would avoid to touch the core files and instead ask here on the forum what you need if you really miss something in the core.

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I have not touched those core files but yes for modules and templates but from what you are saying you sometimes issue upgrades that include changes to some of the default modules included with the full version, am I understanding that correctly?

As we are on this topic. Rather than the Translate function why not have a flat file for language / text changes? I say this because many modules do not allow a lot of text to be changed via the editor so you have to go into the file and edit it there, this is also true with javascript. Also this helps with upgrades because your flat file will already have the changed text. Also doesn't having to use a function to see what text should be displayed cause a bit of drag on resources?

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Well, if I touch any of the files you modified, of course if you overwrite your files with mine, you will loose your changes. Nothing we can do to prevent that. That's why I offer the upgrades as zip such that you can always check WHAT has been changed exactly.

For the translation, the file language/en.xml do contains the original and the "translated" text. Any texts going through the Translate function, as well as Button, Header and such will be gathered and stored there. I wonder what texts remains lefts that are not translated. So here I don't see much your point.

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  • 1 month later...

Error: Undefined offset: 0

Error in "/var/www/web/sth149491/clan-fight.com/libs/db.php"

Line 246

Error in /var/www/web/sth149491/clan-fight.com/modules/clan_wars/auto_pre_content.php

Line 4

Error in /var/www/web/sth149491/clan-fight.com/libs/hooks.php

Line 41

Error in /var/www/web/sth149491/clan-fight.com/index.php

Line 291

Please help us to improve the game by providing as much information regards any bugs.

this happens after I have added the 1.1.7 update. when I try to login. any idear?

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This as something to do with the clan_wars, you must ask Kyle what's wrong there. You could disable the module by hand (either by removing the directory or by creating a file called module.lock inside the module directory) that should let you use the engine at least.

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